Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sugar Cookies

More frosting....

Getting ready to take her first bite of pure sugar! lol

Brookie and Mckinley decorating

Just getting started

McKinley playing with Uncle Gene

On Sunday Night we went over to Aunt Torrie and Uncle Cassidy's House for FHE and dinner. For our activity and dessert we decorated sugar cookies. The kids had such a blast decorating the cookies. I think there was at least a full bottle of sprinkles on the table. McKinley had put a lot of frosting and sprinkles on her cookie and she absolutely loved it...although I think Daddy ended up throwing most of that cookie away and getting a plain sugar cookie. So later on that Night (probably around one or so in the morning McKinley woke up with a tummy ache and throwing up). I am not sure if it is because she had so much sugar...but she will not eat a cookie now. I have offered her some chocolate chip cookies and a sugar cookie. She takes one bite and hands it back to me and says, "All done." I guess I will know for sure tomorrow because we are having a valentines party at my house and we will be decorating sugar cookies! BRING IT ON!!!


p-boi said... are brave! She has such a cute flower in her hair. BTW...great new blog look!