Friday, January 30, 2009

McKinley is Potty Trained......JUST KIDDING. We decided to buy McKinley a potty chair this last week. We let her decide between an Elmo chair and a Dora chair. Much to our surprise she picked Elmo. She has actually gone pee pee one time. The rest of the time she just loves sitting on the chair and using the toilet paper. We will probably wait a few for months to actually start potty training her actively. I think this will be good to get her use to the potty


Katie said...

Sage loves his potty too, I am in no hurry either to train him, it's just there to get used to right now.

Kimberly & Matt said...

I would start now, if she likes to sit why not teach! She is getting so big, Good luck with it when you do decide to start!